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Just curious as to if anyone else uses VMWare or works with VMWare?
We did VMWare back with the Frantech brand.  Would be good for a smaller company specializing in managed services... but if you like automation or easy fixes for clients, not a good thing -_-


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We used Onapp before and moved everything to VMware vSphere. I really love VMware, it's great! A very stable and professional product!


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Probably anyone who works in a company with over 30 employees uses VMware.  It's relatively simple to administrate, but it's cost prohibitive.
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I also use it at work, ESXi (the bare metal version). I'm using a free license (no virtual center) and it's great. I have probably 30+ VMs running on 2 physical servers. Uptimes in years.


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Working with it almost on a daily basis.

Like Aldryic said: good, stable product. It's the things around it (unmanaged hosting eise) that is lacking.

Vmware has a CLI so you can automate stuff but I think no one has done it yet.

From a hosting point of view there is vCloud, but that aint cheap.


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Since the new VSPP licensing model it isn't that expensive like it was before. For us are the costs compared to Onapp almost the same.