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I have the following domain names up for sale.

gbitvps.com - $100.00

1gbitvps.com - $100.00

gbpsvps.com - $100.00

1gbpsvps.com - $100.00

gbitwindowsvps.com - $100.00

1gbitwindowsvps.com - $100.00


Or purchase all 6 for $500.00


Each domain is registered at GoDaddy.com so free push to your GD account.


I started to work with these domains for the last year or so, so some of these have some rankings already others don't.


This is not an auction,  I am not here to get rich off the domains either. I feel the domains are fairly priced.  If you don't PM me an offer and I will consider it. If you wish to purchase any or all the domains PM me or contact me directly anthony at silverknighttech dot com


Cash / Money Order / Credit Card / Company Check / Paypal


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