vpsBoard is back!


Just a dude
vpsBoard Founder
Like the product of a mad scientist, vpsBoard is back from the grave and given a new life!

MannDude here, and I'm happy to announce that the vpsBoard project is now under new leadership and is being resurrected from the dead. First things first, you'll notice that IPB has finally been ditched and that the forum has been migrated to XenForo. Take a moment to look around, and I do believe the changes you find in the software will be positive.

The forums, that were previously in an archived state, are now re-opened and ready for use once again. Feel free to drop a line, bump a thread with a related update or start a new conversation.

Well, what about me? I'm no longer working in the industry and have not been for the last couple years, however I'll still be around and working side by side the good folks over at KnownHost. I'll be poking my head in as frequently as I can however the folks over at KnownHost such as @Jonathan and @ChrisM will be more involved in taking vpsBoard to where I had originally envisioned it.

At it's height, vpsBoard was the fastest growing industry forum and was home to a wealth of resources for web hosting consumers, website owners, business owners and individuals of all skill levels. I'm confident that the site will move back in that direction with the new help, leadership and resources available to it.

Check out the thread about the future at https://vpsboard.com/threads/vpsboards-future.9688/