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    Hey there,

    I'm looking for technical writers who would be willing to collect bounties on specific articles, tutorials and guides that I want to publish in the vpsBoard Library. We currently already have a small group of writers however I'd like to meet my original goal of having something delivered and published once a week or twice a week, as such need to expand the offer to others so this goal can be met.

    The pay varies per entry. A basic guide may pay $25. A more advanced one may pay $100 or more.

    To qualify, you must first submit an article/write-up/tutorial/whatever of your choosing that you wrote. This will be unpaid and it's just so we can get a sense of your writing style and see how the community responds. If we like it, you can then complete article bounties for money.

    All that is required is that you can write in clear, easy to understand english as well as have PayPal so that you can receive payments.

    If interested, respond here or start a thread in the helpdesk forum.
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