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I got up and running on Dokuwiki, but now I need some information.

I am currently looking for providers who provide one of the following services (this will be posted)

  • irc
  • ddos mitigation (plus reasonable load)
  • legal torrents
  • public proxies
  • private proxies
  • minecraft 
  • game servers
  • nmap sweeping
  • Porn

If there is something I missed please post that as well. This is intended for things not commonly or sometimes not allowed. 

Please provide a link to your website as well as some test IPs and test files.

I will be posting this data on, so if you don't encourage the use of your service for torrents, you don't have to post it. 

Also I will be writing up some things on each provider and I am looking for history of your company (send me a link please.)


One of the reasons we chose dokuwiki is ACL functionality, so if you want for example the bluevm page to be only run and edited by Bluevm then we can write up an ACL on it. (email me at cmunroe+vpswiki [at]


I am also looking for mods, send me an email or post why you would like to be a mod.



(sorry if I spelled something wrong, I am very tired at the moment) (I'm off to bed so I will respond to any questions in the morning)
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Why would you need <"Porn"> in a VPSWiki?

As for IRC, I can provide it free.

DDOS Migration - BuyVM

Legal torrents - I can provide it free

Public/Private Proxys - Public: unknown Private: Usually any provider

Minecraft: Pretty much any provider

Game servers: javapipe is pretty good but expensive at $180/mo minimum (but it has 10gb/s ddos protection)

nmap sweaping: idk

Porn: Any provider usually, but you'll have to do age verification to make it legal.


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Mainly it is going to be used for a framework saying there providers support the hosting of <blank> as a way to help them narrow down the search for what they need.
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