Want to buy an IP range to spam with? There’s a site for that


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One of the good guys today sent me something to cheer me up and make me spit milk at the monitor.

Ever wondered where Spammers go shopping?  There is a site for it:


This one is a good one to start with: http://www.mailerforum.com/xf/threads/virgin-clean-24s-300-00.5258/

Quote said:
OPTION ONE:Purchase a virgin clean a /24 the 1st month @ rack rate, get your 2nd month for $300.00. Minimum 2 month term commit.OPTION TWO:Purchase a virgin clean /24 @ rack rate and get a 2nd one for $300.00. Price is recurring for 2 month term commitment. OPTION THREE:Purchase 1 x /22 @ rack rate for the 1st month and get the 2nd month for $1000.00. Minimum 2 month term. You also have the option to pay $3000.00 in a lump sum for a 3 month rental (i.e. $1000.00/month). With each of these options, I only have a limited number of allocations at these prices. Server expense is additional to the cost of ips listed above. Offer good until week's end or all sold. You're typically looking at a 48-72 business hour turn around once payment received. Contact me direct with any questions.


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Crazy Spamhaus isn't pre-flagging/parsing that site.   There are so many of these public displays of insanity.


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Damn it, idiots everywhere.
This surprises you why? There is a site out there for everything if you want to look hard enough. Whether if it is topside or below you can find it if you want it.


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I particularly like how one spammer complains about being ripped of by another spammer. (About Some VPS with dirty IPs)

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a.patrick just needs to be banned from this forum so that he can no longer victimize the people that haven't gone through enough threads to see that he is a thief and a liar...

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