what are the requirements for starting a web hosting company?


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Can anyone guide me to setup a web hosting service? Which sites are the best for buying the required services? Dedicated Server : 64gb ram + 4c/8t + 2 X 300gb SSD (Raid 1) + 200mbps band (minimum)My site will be only for Shared Hosting for now. My setup is like this:step 1: Install VMWARE esxi in DSstep 2: Make 2 VPS (VP1, VP2) in DS.VP1 --> 4gb ram, 2 cores, 10gb HD.VP2 --->20gb ram, 4 cores, 50GB HD. step 3: Install whmcs in VP1step 4: Install Cpanel (VPS optimized) in VP2.Leave the rest resources for making vps for other clients.Plan 1: 1 vcore + 5gb ssdPlan 2: 1vcore + 10gb ssd ... These accounts will be made from cpanel in VP2.Is this setup correct? I need someone to guide me to the right direction.Thank you....
It so confusing....at one place you are saying "My site will be only for Shared Hosting for now" and then you are saying you will also create VPS for your clients.


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Don't forget that a hosting business need a business plan also. As in, how are you going to attract clients and are you able to provide for them proper support? :)