what are the requirements for starting a web hosting company?

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  1. blackwizard

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Can anyone guide me to setup a web hosting service? Which sites are the best for buying the required services? Dedicated Server : 64gb ram + 4c/8t + 2 X 300gb SSD (Raid 1) + 200mbps band (minimum)My site will be only for Shared Hosting for now. My setup is like this:step 1: Install VMWARE esxi in DSstep 2: Make 2 VPS (VP1, VP2) in DS.VP1 --> 4gb ram, 2 cores, 10gb HD.VP2 --->20gb ram, 4 cores, 50GB HD. step 3: Install whmcs in VP1step 4: Install Cpanel (VPS optimized) in VP2.Leave the rest resources for making vps for other clients.Plan 1: 1 vcore + 5gb ssdPlan 2: 1vcore + 10gb ssd ... These accounts will be made from cpanel in VP2.Is this setup correct? I need someone to guide me to the right direction.Thank you.... [​IMG]
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    Jan 17, 2017
    All sounds good. You already have a plan in place which looks nice.