What do you use for your business phone system?


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Just like the title says, what (or who) do you use?

We use FreePBX with flowroute as our SIP trunk provider. We are planning on re-building it so that you don't have to go through any menus, and you will get a human right away when you call us.


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I want to use Asterisk but I haven't had the time to get familiar with it.  I know a few of my friends use some kind of a pesudo weird-thing with ClearOS (I think ClearOS has a PBX addon available?).  I think Zentyal is also going towards more PBX/Small Business server focus too. 

Personally, I use OpenVBX with Twilio and simply forward phone calls to my cellphone.  I know it's not an actual "business phone system" nor is it a proper PBX, but it gets the job done for me which is all I need. 

But yeah, I'd suggest Asterisk!  


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I have my mobile provider forward a bunch of numbers to different mobiles, works fine. No need for landline/fixed phone.


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Local or remote server?

Man, I'm having a hard time supporting 3CX. Too many problem especially with SBC.
Local, haven't tried their cloud option.

For some reason running it in a virtual environment sucks monkey balls. You can install it on hardware from 2002 and it will perform better.

There are much to ask for when it comes to advanced configuration like escalation of calls, different types of handling depending on time of day etc...

Everything I've wanted to do have been possible but in ways I'm not proud of.


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We also use PBX in a Flash (FreePPBX, Asterisk, and some extras). We use for our DIDs. Haven't had any issues, although our PBX doesn't get that much use.


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We've used with Cisco hard phones. It worked out pretty well and was one less thing for us to manage.


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freepbx on a raspberry pi. 

Gotta make sure you have a UPS connected to the avoid power outages etc but once thats done it works like a champ.


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We use also a Toll Free Number for the customers in USA. We use a Mobile Number (with low rates) for the rest of the world customers.