What do you use your Windows VPS for?


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I've not ran Windows for many years at home, but I see request for Windows VPS from time to time. I've also had to deal with Windows related server issues in the past for a job when I knew nothing about them at all. So, with that said, what do you use your Windows VPS for?

I'm looking for ideas so I can get one to tinker around with.


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The only need I've had for a Windows VPS is for running speedtest.net and trolling my friends.

As well as downloading MSDNAA ISO software (which requires windows to run the installer).

I believe many people use it for SEO software as well as other random things.


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I use a Windows VPS as remote desktop, to check web sites speed and functionality from the location of the targeted audience. I tried a Linux desktop, but VNC and x2go are far worse than the latest Windows RDP protocol. Beside that, most people use Windows on their PCs, so the test is more relevant if I use a Windows VPS.


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I never have a Windows VPS. That's a pet peeve of mine.

If I had to use a Windows VPS it would have to be a game server that won't work under Linux for some dumb reason.


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If I order a Windows VPS I forsee myself cussing and chain smoking cigarettes while searching Google for hours followed by more cussing followed by cancellation request.

We'll see though.

In my limited experience with Windows servers I've come to find that searching Google for answers to problems only yielded results that had the same issue, but no solution.


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Well...I use my Azure VPS to run Linux :)

Microsoft offers Linux VMs on Azure, priced kind of like EC2.  I get some free credits for MSDN so that's what I do with it.  Unfortunately, you pay by the GB for bandwidth, so I can't do much exciting but it's a good high-quality personal web server.

Amusingly, the Linux images are kinda craptastic...the CentOS one, for example, comes with a swap partition but it's not enabled, and it's dumping alerts for core dumps into the system log out of the box.  But their management portal is very pretty and I've not had any issues with performance or reliability, once I fixed the OS.

I could run Windows there but I've just never had the deep knowledge to secure an Internet-facing Windows image properly.  I'm not sure such knowledge exists.


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I use mine as a jump box. I have 3 Windows 7 VPSs that are synced to my laptop so I can do anything on them that I would normally do on my laptop. I have a special SD card with the thin client OS so I can access my VPSs from my RPi if I need quick access.