What happened with Robert Clarke?


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I think maybe his dad grounded him and took away his dessert after dinner?

EDIT: But really, I have no idea. I guess Nick from RamNode would know more about that than anyone else.
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I'd just leave it alone.  It was his mistake anyways to do something as stupid as that.  

In terms of IRC, he's banned in #vpsboard by me.  


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...58 members. 3/10 of the subforums that actually have content have their most recent messages by him. Lame domain. About what I'd expect.

What I'd like to know it what's up with CurtisG/whatever he calls himself now.
curtisg moved on to earlier. Same name.


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Not sure if it got as far as being an actual legal case between Nick and Robert. Guess the proof has to be checked by law enforcement first.