What is wrong with Law Enforcement?


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I don't know why, but recently law enforcement has not been doing their jobs. And this case is defiently one of those cases where has law enforcement done their job properly, it might have been avoided all together. When you read about it, you will see that law enforcement failed the family multiple times.

In Michigan, a Plymouth teen is being charged as an adult in a murder plot. Recently the adults of that teen spoke out about it. There was an exclusive interview, you can read about it here: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/parents-in-plymouth-teen-murder-plot-speak-out/30120586

Having read the article, it looks like it is a case that could have been prevented had law enforcement done their jobs and stepped in earlier. It is a sad case, but it is good to see that the parents want her prosecuted as a juvenile so she can get the help she needs.

There is a petition to have the daughter charged as a juvenile:



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Welcome to America.

While Michigan in that article claims to be low / infrequent in charging minors as adults, the practice is semi common in the good ole USA.

I am on the see saw about the adult / minor status.  Clearly folks hide behind minor status and get lesser punishment under such typically.

Proving adulthood, state of maturity, etc. is very inadequate and flawed process.   If we argue minors are to be charged as adults, there should be equal in opposite big movement to have other adult perps charged as minors - and those being even way beyond the simple age of 18.

I for one think actual victims should have more of a say in such matters.  Courts assuming the powers for everything and being entirely cold, callous and often way off the mark is just a furtherance of barbarians running a "civilized society".


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The police in America have zero obligation to 'protect and serve'. That's just a slogan.




I still think there are more good cops than bad ones, we just hear about the bad ones more because it makes for a good read since it evokes strong feelings of emotion, though even with that said there is still a big problem here.

Best take care of yourself and leave the police to do what they do best: Revenue creation through the use of speed traps and ticket writing.


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Well, the teen did something that an adult would do, so they get what they get. I'll sign a petition to have her tried as an adult, but not the other way around. If you have the guts to do or attempt to do the crime, you should beable to do the time. Simple as can be.

Kids need to be taught that you cannot hide behind your age when you want to do illegal things. 


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I don't know why, but recently law enforcement has not been doing their jobs.
How about instead of blaming the police for "not doing their jobs" we blame the people doing the crime instead? Why is it in 2014 that it is commonplace to blame the cops and insinuate that the criminals are the victims? The cops do not have to protect you from yourself or others. They are there to enforce laws when you break them. Sounds crappy, but still. It is the way it is. You cannot do something wrong and then say "Well if the cops would have stopped me!". I think it's time to start understanding the fact that the cops wear a lot of hats during their days at work and criminals AREN'T the innocent victims in all of these cases.


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The problems are:

  • Law enforcement is staffed by humans.  
  • The judiciary is staffed by humans.
  • Humans are allowed to vote for the institution that makes the laws.
  • The institution is staffed by humans.
This will all eventually change, though I can't decide if it'll be in my lifetime or not.  Once it does, we'll have bigger problems and life will have more spice.


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She tried to slit her brother's throat while he slept, I'm 100% ok with life in prison. 15 is old enough to know not to do that. Don't see a problem here, carry on.