What projects are you working on now?


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Just curious what sort of current projects everyone here is working on. I've got a few 'learning projects' in development, relatively simple things but fun and useful at the same time.

Currently have a little bash-script that's pretty straight forward for creating backups every 2 hours on vpsBoard and ryscing them remotely. I've got a laundry list of features I'm planning to implement, but it's a pretty fun little learning project. Hopefully one day I'll post it up here publicly and people will get some use out of it for quickly/easily getting their VPSes backed up, regardless if their provider does it for them or not. Always good to make your own backups, offiste.

I've got a dated LEMP installer I wrote that I used to use on my own servers to get them setup quickly. I've also got a few basic features I want to add to it that does some basic optimizing and securing once installed, but it'll no way be as feature rich and elaborate as some of the great alternatives out there. But still fun and educational :)

And finally, an even more dated 'CMS' I wrote in PHP that basically just made updating an old website of mine easier. That way if I made changes to the links on the sidebar, header, footer, wherever I didn't have to go through and do it one-by-one on every html page. Eventually updated it a year or so ago for another side-project to password protect the demo of a site that's yet to see the light of day.

I wish I had more time. Progression on these 'projects' have been painstakingly slow as I'll work on them for a couple days then not touch them again for months.

What about you guys, what all are you working on? Even if it's been a while since you've worked on it. :)
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As of right now moving a dedi which has cpanel on it cutomized to hell.. thats going to take the better part of a day (if im being positive). By being realistic its going to take 3-4 days tops to migrate, test and make all the changes..

After that I should attend to my blog and create a new design coz the old one had ß plastered all over it for 2 years at least.. well I had better things to do :).


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my largest project at this moment is migrating 80 animal clinics/hospitals into one giant central solution.

The clinics/hospitals are all over Sweden/Denmark/Finland.

Besides that I have a cPanel/WHMCS project were I try to automate installations of websites after "order", the sites can be either a well-known CMS like wordpress or Joomla but also custom made scripts.

Installing a voIP solution for another animal hospital.

and a few other small projects.


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Working on www.bulkrdns,com to add some new functionality, as well as rebuild after it got attacked.



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Building and testing a custom billing panel to integrate all services we provide. Will put up some screenshots and make a public demo soon.


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Putting together an automated shell install for cPanel that will auto-load the files, permissions and DB's for HiveMail 2.0, just waiting on the final RC to begin testing.


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I forgot to add. I am re-designing my blog too. Responsive with just pure HTML and CSS, no bootstrap. 

Attaching Screenshots. Not satisfied with the homepage though.




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Currently polishing up a project to run locally that searches for a bunch of TV shows that I've assigned to it, and automatically downloads and converts any new episodes, then places them in a nice web-based frontend that I can use on any device (desktop or mobile) on my network to stream the shows.


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Still working on because current top priority is "new nursery for my son".

Next big tech project:

  • Kamailio + Ekiga


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One project of mine is hosting related. I'm working on a custom game server panel for a recent venture I've got into (the owner is on this forum too, he bought from here). Written mostly with Java with the aid of Avaje, MySQL Connector/J, Project Lombok, Google Guava (basically the only Google project I really like) and SLF4J.

My other project is being a private developer for a Minecraft server, so not much on that front that's interesting. Mostly fixing really bad, buggy code.


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hobby and free time, I am working on database system for a specific organization.

In work, I am working on order management system for trading stocks, futures, etc.


Working on a PHP/MySQL based self-hosted e-commerce website targeting local small online shop owners.

Most solutions right now can overwhelm/intimidate non-tech savvy users and no one is offering a simple yet complete point-to-point (from order to shipping) software which is based locally.

Also, improving DNS cluster and planning to work on a simple end-user interface. And experimenting with backups (cPanel websites).
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