What to do with my High End VPS?

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Perhaps put a minecraft server on it and sell the GB's to minecraft players..........setting it up might be a little difficult but you can definitely make money that way.


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Could I ask your reason for purchasing such a high end VPS server? Site hosting would be the obvious choice, but as you don't want to use your VPS that way, probably the best way to let it expire and buy a low end VPS or shared hosting instead.


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Web Server. Running a web server on a VPS is probably the most common thing to do.
Cloud Storage. You can turn your VPS into a cloud storage solution for yourself easily.
Mail server.
Self-hosting apps.
Game Server.


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Here are 6 great ideas
  • Host a web server. Running a web server is the #1 most popular thing to do with a VPS. ...
  • Save money by self-hosting apps. There is a whole range of self-hosted software applications to host on your VPS. ...
  • Set up a VPN. ...
  • Run a game server. ...
  • Set up a mail server. ...
  • Level up your skills.