WHM 11.40 DNS Zone bug


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I upgraded one of my WHM to 11.40 to kick the tires, enabled IPv6 then assigned an IPv6, and the final step, WHM makes the changes/additions needed to the zone file.

This is where the gates of hell open.  WHM decided to change every AAAA record in the zone to the ip assigned to, well I have most servers IPv6 enabled, so it changed a shit ton of records, then anything that didn't have an AAAA record it created one.

I did have a backup of the zone file, so recovery was not a huge issue, just a word of warning if you get adventurous.  cPanel has recreated the issue and assigned it bug 80657 


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This is actually a known problem that has already been addressed, and a fix will be pushed to the next public 11.40 build.  The internal case for it is 82793.  It will be mentioned as case 82793 in the changelog when the fix is pushed to a public build.

11.40 is already in the RELEASE update tier, so staying on RELEASE is not an option for avoiding this problem.  Right now, STABLE is the only update tier that is still 11.38.  There is no way to downgrade from 11.40 to 11.38.  This problem will be fixed in the next 11.40 public build, and you can monitor the changelog to see when this happens.


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