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  1. risharde

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    Nov 20, 2015
    WHMSUPERB Wordpress Tools for cPanel empowers your users to detect issues, install Wordpress websites and manage website backups!

    Purchase license $9.99 / year (15% discount!) OR install for free 14-day trial

    Click for more details and see screenshots


    Features include:
    • Empower your cPanel users with Wordpress administrative power!
    • Easily install a new Wordpress website!
    • Easily reset your Wordpress website admin password!
    • Fix your migrated Wordpress website (white screen of death) using the Fix WP Domain feature!
    • Diagnose database connectivity issues with WP websites
    • Scan for WP Malware and other viruses!
    • Scan for WP DATABASE Malware from database posts data!
    • Backup your Wordpress website files and/or database!
    • Restore your Wordpress website files and/or database!
    • Download your Wordpress backup archives to your computer!
    • Upload your Wordpress backup archives back to the server and restore them!
  2. risharde

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    Nov 20, 2015
    Today, we've upgraded to version

    New features added:
    Added Fix WP File Ownership - this is used to fix WP white screens of death
    Added failsafe for WP File Ownership
    Added Scan for Malware in WHM Plugin Interface (WP Tools)
    Added MySQL root login information in the WHM Plugin Interface (WP Tools)


  3. risharde

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    Nov 20, 2015
    Beast mode update helps with keeping your Wordpress user sites secure:
    Latest Wordpress 4.7.5 core install
    Update/Upgrade WP Core directly from within cPanel!
    Update/Upgrade WP Plugins directly from within cPanel!
    Clear WP Cache directly from within cPanel!

    New screenshot of the cPanel interface on Paper Lantern theme
  4. risharde

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    Nov 20, 2015
    Another awesome update:
    Added My Notes to cPanel interface where users can keep basic notes
    Added BONUS default/index page uploader for new cPanel created accounts
    Added BONUS change default ssh server port
    Added BONUS change default server root page
    Added BONUS find malicious base64 encodes
    Added BONUS view mail logs
    Added BONUS view mail spam logs
    Added BONUS clear mail queue
    Added BONUS force cPanel backups
    Added BONUS install memcached server
    Added BONUS password generator
    Added BONUS enable inodes count in cPanel user interface
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    Nov 20, 2015
    We've now integrated the Apps Installer directly into WPTools!
    Now you can install over 10 popular php scripts and more to come (Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB, myBB, Prestashop, Cubecart and more!)
  6. risharde

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    Nov 20, 2015
    We're gradually adding more web apps to the installer
    Coppermine Gallery
    RainLoop mail
    and more to come!