Why do web hosts not use AMD processors in servers?


A lot of providers remember the issues with the older AMD's not having the best performance which I believe leads to providers being slower to make any switches.
I'm sure a lot of companies are testing a few systems out to see if it's worth making a switch. The other problem is a large amount of buyers are looking for Intel products which over the years we've had very little requests for AMD.

Give it a bit more time and I'm sure we'll see more AMD offerings from providers on here. If you need AMD or want it you can also always message a provider you like and most shouldn't have issues ordering one for you.


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Many web hosting providers still prefer Intel Xeon for servers. AMD are used mainly for graphics and gaming in Desktop.
AMD EPYC Servers are hard to find. But I think they are high performance servers that would be worth to try.


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AMD servers are used by various hosting businesses. AMD is just not that well-spread in the market as Intel.
AMD server processors are way better than Intel's. And AMD processors give better multi-core performance than Intel. This has been proved a million times by now.
AMD has also introduced a hyper-threading facility in its processors. They are on-par with Intel in all the fields.
I intend to get AMD server hosting for myself.