Why You're in Web Hosting Business?


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I was in high school when I came to know about web hosting, firstly I created a blog with WordPress then I started reading about other blogs and how they started their online journey, I turned into a blogger for about 3 long years writing blog posts on that blog.

But suddenly the performance of that web hosting started decreasing, everyday server was down for a few minutes, lots of errors, etc. I started searching for web hosting providers on Google, and joined some web hosting forums, I came to know about web hosting business. That's the start.

I researched about the business, and opt-in for reseller hosting of my initial business days, then slowly upgraded to VPS, then to Dedicated Servers then end up doing Colocation.

I have faced lots of challenges during this journey, like one day my data center suspended my server because someone created a scam website on my server and instead of sending us the abuse mail, they directly suspended the server, so awful. When I asked for SSH access to migrate the websites, they simply denied it. I have spent more than 24 hours of sleepless nights in front of PC, and recovered most of the websites from a backup server.

I failed in the web hosting business 2 times, Yes! You got me right - TWO Times, I have failed in the web hosting business. The sales was not enough to even repay the server bills at some point. Got bankrupted so many times that I started shaking over my decisions, I was asking myself am I doing something wrong?

Consistency and Patience are the keys to success. I don't think I am doing this business for money, I wanted to change and make the web hosting better, this remained the same even after so many years.

I still think I am not successful from my point of view, still, I'm hustling and solving problems frequently. But I love what I am doing still after so many sleepless nights, bankruptcies, and back pains. I hope one day, I will call everyone and shout out that "I did it".

What's your web hosting journey? Why even you're in this place?