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XEN VPS Forex for Forex / MetaTrader (MT4) from WINNERvps, is trusted and stable, at the best price ever! A Virtual Private Server from WINNERvps is housed in a high specification data center, and it is built to never fail. This allows automated Forex Traders the peace of mind knowing their MT4 platform will always be on, taking and closing trades, as it should. We provide a High Quality VPS, with Maximum Level Security and Extra Protection (Anti DDoS) and We are Experts when it comes to Forex VPS Hosting.
As we are expert in delivering 100% powerful and high-tech VPS to Forex Customers, we believe that we can do the same with Non-Forex Clients
Remember XEN VPS can not be oversold and is as close as it gets to having a dedicated server!

NYC Metro Data Centre (Available Now!)
Piscataway DC (visit google maps)
101 Possumtown Rd
Piscataway, NJ 08854

IPv4 Peering: (No Cogent, No He, -only Premium Transit/Carrier)

  • Level 3
  • nLayer
  • Global Crossing
  • NTT
  • Equinix

Test IP & Looking Glass: 

Only Available for Windows VPS, at Limited Stock
512 MB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
1 vCPU Intel Xeon
1 Dedicated IP
1 TB BW on 1 GBps Network
Windows 2003 R2 32-bit/64-bit
From $6.99 / mo - ORDER NOW
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  • Bravo (Artificial Intelligent Server Management) – © by WINNERvps
  • 100% Pure XEN VPS Technology: Cannot be Oversold nor Overcomitted - Dedicated Resources
  • 100% Automatic using High Technology System (AutoBoot, AutoReboot, AutoNotification, AutoSMS, AutoLimit, etc.)
  • Dedicated IP (with Registered Exclusive IP)
  • Automatic Email & SMS Notification on Every Reboot (100% VPS Uptime Management)
  • Automatic Email & SMS Notification on Every High Usage Attempt (100% Load and Network Management)
  • 1 GBps Network and Port Speed (Unmetered)
  • Bandwidth & Disk I/O VPS Monitoring Graphs
  • Unlimited Reboot (Start / Shutdown) through 1-click WHMCS
  • Unlimited Rebuild (Reformat / Change OS) through 1-click SolusVM

  1. Multisession Protection
  2. DDoS Protection
  3. Bruteforce & Hammering Protection
  4. Multi CPU Core VPS
  5. High Speed SSD
  6. Windows RDP Ready: Optimization and Tweaks
  7. Maintaining and Monitoring Uptime (both Server and VPS)
  8. Maintaining and Monitoring Load and Network per Server
  9. Customer Oriented through Forex Expertise and Experienced Staff
  10. 100% Speed and Trading Satisfaction Performed
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Email us: sales [at]
Phone / WhatsApp: +62-8577-1155-011
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