Wordpress alternatives?


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I fell in love with that HTML generators.

You have content and you have a theme and they generate plain html files out of it (with automatic generated links, tags, etc).
They all support ssh/sftp FTP for upload so you do not have any code on your vps.
That's exactly what Microsoft Front Page did in 1998.. :)

no database at all.
[insert 1998 comment again here]

tl;dr I really haven't been able to get excited about the new generation of simple HTML generators for some reason...


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Lol not quite.

I also like how Jekyll uses markdown for blog posts - I think markdown goes well with writing and you can write it anywhere.


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In regards to Bluevm, it was due to namecheap's lack of security. I personally asked Johnston what happened, and he stated someone called Namecheap and impersonated him thus being able to get past all his layers of protection that he did have.
Last I checked, Namecheap didn't have phone support.


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I've had Ghost running on my personal domain (http://johnedel.me) for about four months. I've enjoyed it's ...simple complexity if you will. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a developer, but I can see some technical advantages of going that route.  I don't have nearly enough of anything on there for it to be a high-traffic environment so I can't really comment on that part of it. Hardly needs any resources at all if that's all you're using it for.

It doesn't seem like it was really meant to be administered through control panels or script installers, but I was surprised to see it working with Softaculous + InterWorx on SL 6. cPanel .... not so much although I recall needing a second I.P. not bound to Apache being needed to start node.js when I last attempted it.  Kind of nice when you think about it. A little more sophistication I guess? Or at least more effort than clicking through a WP install. I had to do a little reading beforehand.

Can't really say much yet in terms of security.  When I got in and started playing around with themes, I thought it would be something incredibly different, but I kind of got the "ohh yeah, okay, i gotcha" feel about it. It seems like you could harden your surroundings and be pretty well safe, but who knows for sure any more.  Nonetheless, it's pretty slick.