WordPress Site Migrations Tips


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WordPress migrations is always a matter of concern for both developers and clients. Migrations process was bite complicated due to various technical aspects. As WordPress was initially launch for blogging but within a decade it expanded all its limits. WordPress is capable of hosting multisite network to large WooCommerce store with over thousands of product. Usually WordPress website are hosted on 3 different type of hosts which are shared, dedicated and cloud whereas each type of host are capable of handling different size of audience like initially every business looks for cheap solutions then the most applicable solution is shared. Generally people use manual migration process which eventually hurt the website ranking and end up by losing their stable keywords to drop. Folks has been recommending different WordPress migration plugin for making the whole process smooth which actually way more efficient as compare to manual migration.


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The migration checklist -

Begin with a complete backup of your existing WordPress website. This is the most important step towards a hassle-free migration of your WordPress website

The selection of a new host
If you haven’t already, we suggest that you upgrade your website’s web hosting provider to a better one, whenever you are migrating.

Don’t lose your SEO rankings
Amidst all the confusion regarding the migration of their WordPress site, many website owners will forget that they need to retain their SEO rankings as well.

Always make notes
There are always one-off manual settings and changes that we keep introducing to our WordPress websites to keep them running. Always note these down before you begin to take down your existing website.

Broken links
In the migration process, there will be things that end up broken.

The 404 Page
Always design a suitable 404 page so that your existing audience is re-engaged.

The game of URLs

While the migration of your WordPress website will bring about some changes in your new website, you can make efforts to ensure that URLs stay the same.


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Before migrating WordPress website to new host make sure that you have compared both old and new hosting server PHP modules and if any modules missing on new server, than first install it and than only migrate the hosting account else stop migration process to avoid any problem in future after a migration.