Working on a server tracking panel


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Hey all,

As a little summer project I've started working on a server tracking panel to keep track of my VMs and the IP addresses attached to them. I mainly started it to keep track of my IP addresses so I can have a list of where they are all assigned and well... it grew. Here's a little map of what I am thinking so far.


This is just a mind map with a few table relationships. I have a slightly functional product so far. Anything else you would add to such a management panel?
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Is the payments section under nodes for the cost of such a node or for incoming? Might somewhere want to add a Cost, Provider Info, URL to CP, etc.


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why you want put your password on your database?

I prefer table for domains :



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@sv01 - It's a private database not open to the public. Plus I generate random passwords that are really long for each vps that I would rather not keep track of.


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Regarding passwords:

  • Path of ssh key
  • URL + login information of billing panel
  • URL + login information of managment panel (SolusVM)


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I see that you have Domains/Subdomains Seperate from the VM's themselves. Would be easier for you to Link Domains/Subdomains to the VM's they belong to?

Otherwise it looks great!