[X4B] BGP Launch: 35% Off • From $6.50/month • 6 Locations • Remote DDoS Protection • Up to 1.5Tbps


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Verified Provider

X4B is an Australian Registered Company (ABN: 56829648376).

Our aim is to provide high quality services with unique features without a high price tag.

A 5-day trial is available for many locations (Terms and Conditions do apply).

We offer our services in Chicago, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (China Optimised), Netherlands and Luxembourg.

To celebrate the release of BGP backend support, use the coupon code BGPISNEATISNTIT20 for 35% off any public plan on our website. Promo expires 23rd of December 2016. Coupon one per customer, but feel free to contact me via PM if you wish to use it again.

Internal BGP sessions are free sessions for anyone who wants them and can be configured through the dashboard! Use this to integrate into your network or provide failover/redundancy into your network.


  •  Always On Multi-Layer Mitigation solution, filtering down to the last byte.
  •  GRE/IP-in-IP/IPSec and Reverse Proxy support (full support provided for Linux and Windows)
  •  HTTP(s) Load Balancing & Backup Servers
  •  Optimised HTTPS & HTTP/2.0 support
  •  Extensive Network Monitoring and 24/7 Incident Response.
  •  Optimised TCP stack for minimum latency
  •  Mature Platform backed by 5 Years of Industry Experience
  •  In-house developed comprehensive Layer 7 Mitigation
  •  Customisable HTTP(s) Resource Caching
  •  Live Attack Reporting & Weekly Reports
  •  Free Internal BGP Sessions (over GRE)
  •  IP Announcement Available in certain locations - Contact Us.


Purchase URL: https://www.x4b.net/protection/new


Coupon Discount: 35% off any public plan

Coupon Expires: 23rd of December 2016


Please feel free to ask any sales related questions through this thread, by emailing [email protected] or by opening a sales ticket. If you require any account or service specific support please open a support ticket.

Support: https://www.x4b.net/support

Not sure how to use BGP? Check out our Knowledgebase, we have a tutorial for setup with Bird.

P.S For those with multihomed services there is some more extra cool BGP features and a new product line coming soon. Keep an ear out :)