Xbox Live Hacked?


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Saw this posted on GameSpot:

A hacker going by the name Reckz0r today claimed to have cracked Xbox Live, exposing confidential information for around 47 million users.



In a note posted on Pastebin, the hacker claimed to have "brutally owned" Xbox Live a few days ago, but decided to publish the data today.


Writing on Twitter, Reckz0r said Microsoft stores its passwords in a plaintext format. This person described the disbanded hacking group Lulzsec as "friends."


A Microsoft representative has told GameSpot to expect comment from the company shortly.


The hacking claims come just two days after Microsoft announced its next-generation platform, the Xbox One.


I find it hard to believe that passwords were plain text.. Bayfiles seems to be down right now, so no word on if it's legit or not.