ZenCart, Magento commerce or Os Commerce shopping cart?


ZenCart, Magento commerce or Os Commerce shopping cart? Why?
What are your views on Cloudarion.com and their web hosting solutions in Germany?
Will it be good to deal with this host? Any alternatives?


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I'll recommend Magento. Ofcourse it requires one to be technically good and willing to invest some time to figure things out with it. Magento is worth a try :)
By the way, you might want to take a look at Shopify, many users have been switching to it.


Cloudarion.com is a trustworthy web host. I don't believe you will find a better host. 24/7 support. Fast servers. Price is excellent.


They have a great infrastructure with very fast web server (an amazing value!) and fast bandwidth providers. Support is always fast and knowledgeable.
I couldn't ask for more. Cloudarion.com is a great option for hosting websites in Russia, Germany, USA and Switzerland.