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    Ghetto 12v UPS

    The battery charger outputs ~13.5v (it's a float type charger) and I use the computer PSU for regulation to other devices like the monitor and speakers.
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    Ghetto 12v UPS

    It's just an AGM lead acid battery and a charger. I pulled the charger out of an old RV. I estimate I'll get over 10 hours runtime from it, since I used a 115 amp hour battery. A few solar panels wouldn't be hard to add, but I'm not currently running off grid.
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    Monitors -- Features and What YOU Recommend

    IPS, high pixel density, at least 1920×1080, external power brick, 12v input preferred. My ghetto UPS doesn't have an inverter, everything runs directly off 12v.
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    How do you secure your server(s)?

    I leave them at the BIOS screen with a no OS found error. (having drive issues)
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    Comcast in South Carolina bash-3.2$ mtr -wrc 10 HOST: macbookpro.local                                   Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev   1.|--                                         0.0%    10    2.4   2.1   1.4   3.5   0.7   2.|--  ...
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    Post your ride

    Not my picture, but it's almost the same truck.
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    Is IPMI important for a Dedi? found in 2 min of googleing.
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    Best Redundancy

    Backups every 30 min to 3 continents and a single stable VM. No cloudflare, CDNs, etc. This gives me plenty uptime and I haven't felt the need to add redundant webservers.  DNS is replicated to 4 DDoS protected VPSs and I have never had a DNS related outage when using my own DNS clusters...
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    New York - What Interest is there?

    I was comparing west coast DCs and EU DCs.
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    New York - What Interest is there?

    Same applies to US residents on the east coast. For me it's a toss up between EU and western US as far as network speeds and latency goes. 
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    How do you type?

    That is what I do.
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    What Munin graphs are important to you?

    The IOPS graph is handy for seeing which VM is (or was) the cause of an iowait spike.
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    Your new VPS is provisioned, what is the first thing you do once you connect? #!/bin/sh rpm -Uvh yum -y update yum -y install nano mlocate traceroute jwhois logwatch openssh-clients wget rsync bind-utils mtr syslog-ng yum erase -y postfix sendmail rsyslog yum install exim cronie -y service...
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    Your new VPS is provisioned, what is the first thing you do once you connect?

    For KVM, Xen, dedis, etc: curl http://xx.xx.xx.xx/|bash or for OVZ: curl http://xx.xx.xx.xx/|bash I know, not too helpful.
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    Whats your home connection speed?

    I don't watch TV. Everyone else in the house does.