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    Umgardi | KVM in Beauharnois, QC | Starting @ $10/mo. CAD

    Umgardi   About us -- Umgardi is a privately owned business registered in the province of Ontario in Canada. We strive to provide quality services to our customers through our offerings. With over 12 years combined experience in the web hosting industry, we push to continue offering the same...
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    Loading Deck's hosting automation is here! (Public beta)

    Seems to be throwing an exception...
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    Free Socks From Sophos

    The whole notion of promotional socks reminds me too much of this:
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    CentOS 7

    Because the existing naming convention wasn't good enough... ;(
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    Versaweb 10 Year Anniversary Special - Dual Xeon L5630 + 24GB RAM $49! IP's $0.10ea!

    I assume the offer's gone now? (not showing on the site)
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    New website

    I really hope that the acquisition and new development works out for the better -- I've been using WinAMP for well over a decade, and it's the one piece of software that continues to stick around. To see it shrink in feature set would be unfortunate.
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    Completely anonymous VPS

    Anonymity is destroyed as soon as you reach step two and purchase the prepaid debit card. Entering the gas station, convenience store, or other location exposes you to being recorded on surveillance cameras. Trace the card number to the location it was activated at, and review the surveillance...
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    Network Lookup Tool feedback wanted.

    Quite nifty and useful to diagram network relationships to different ASes. 
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    Mergers and Acquisitions Monday - + Google and DirecTV + AT&T

    Nice to know that DirecTV is worth 48.5
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    DNS Prop Checker

    whatsmydns / intoDNS works well, but something as simple as just using dig works to ensure that the source data isn't the issue as well.
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    What's your Windows text editor of choice?

    Notepad++ because I'm lazy. ;)
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    Holy Smokes Memory Batman!

    Big spender.
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    Who still uses a blackberry

    I used to until a few months ago when I ditched it for an iPhone.
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    Looking for job

    Just to throw this out there -- From an employer standpoint, this screams red flag, especially when you're expecting somebody to trust you with credentials. You may want to consider separating accounts.
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    Need to patch for Heartbleed? Here are a couple quick how-to posts...

    Easy steps to cover yourself, since there's a lot of misinformation and FUD getting tossed around 1) Update your OpenSSL installations and libraries. If you are unable to move versions, or have a specific way you've compiled OpenSSL for any which way, you can cover your bases by recompiling any...