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    GreenValueHost / GVH and HostNun banned for operating shill ring

    I chose to use an alternative name at GVH because that is what I felt most comfortable doing. Please at least understand where I am coming from, and that I understand the points that you're trying to make. I'm just being honest with you. I agree with you that transparency is important. That's...
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    GreenValueHost / GVH and HostNun banned for operating shill ring

    Allow me to clarify. In today's day and age, I'm sure that a large percentage of the people that man support systems out there, do not use their real names when replying to tickets. Outsourced support agencies especially. I've seen some pretty creative names out there. I am known to the GVH...
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    GreenValueHost / GVH and HostNun banned for operating shill ring

    Old. I'm not really that active here, either.
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    GreenValueHost / GVH and HostNun banned for operating shill ring

    Allow me to personally make some comments regarding the "IP addresses" fiasco. Yeah, I'm being accused of being "HostNun", purportedly some sort of shill company that operates in collaboration with the company that I work for, GVH. To be quite honest, they may very well be a client, they may...
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    Reporting stolen Paypal accounts

    You probably just saved some poor unsuspecting bloke from getting frauded hundreds of extra dollars. Who knows what else the perpetrators could have planned to do with that PayPal account.
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    ICANN suspends Brandon Gray Internet Services (AKA Domain Registry of America, DROC, etc)

    I've gotten several of these over the years, and if I looked around hard enough, I'm sure I'd find a few. The forms are very similar to the picutre included in the OP, except ours are red (because Canadian, we're all about red apparently). They look exactly like a color form you'd fill out from...
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    RamNode New York City Now Available!

    Congratulations on your expansion!!! I've been looking forward to this.
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    Old Linode Hack

    Apparently Linode doesn't, otherwise that would never have been online in the first place for someone to snatch.
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    Old Linode Hack

    Basically, my only comment at this point.
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    BlueVM KVM 512 MB (NY)

    I too have services with BlueVM (Two KVM 512MB's in Buffalo) and I must say that for the price, their services are worth the money. Sure, they've had a few hiccups, due to one issue or another, but their support has been helpful for me (I usually go to their IRC for unofficial support, and have...
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    SouthBendServers Review

    Hm, I've seen this name pop up maybe once or twice, but I've never really taken the time to glance over their site until just now. I do have to admit that their site is clean, and if Zach is as friendly and professional as you claim he is (and, by the sounds of it, he is very much so), then I...
  12. Gallaeaho suddenly disappears; clients reporting downtime

    It would appear as though VPSCorner (a provider known for its offshore location of Moldova) has suddenly closed up shop and ran. Reading this thread and this thread, it seems as though the host claimed to have been in dispute with their DC, whom was allegedly making up charges. Their site (as...
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    Issues with VPSBoard and Avast

    I run avast! and have yet to experience said red box. Unrelated, but the latest Flash Player update triggered an alert for one of my friends.
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    I got scammed. =[

    If it helps, I'll come and mow your lawn, but I'll charge $10, and will supply refreshments.
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    I got scammed. =[

    This is why I'll never hire TheRedFox with the assumption that he won't take my money and run. Just saying.