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    Kimsufi Decides Maybe Forums Aren't The Best Place For Billing Support

    Just tried and it's working now, guess that had fixed it  <_<
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    Linux swappiness - how do you set optimal value?

    I usually just keep it at default value, rarely getting the need to be swapped
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    Kimsufi Decides Maybe Forums Aren't The Best Place For Billing Support

    Was you able to send in anything via the contact form they linked in their forum post? I never able to send in any email via the form ever since they posted the about changes, until now still the same.
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    Yourserver OpenVZ 256MB (Sweden)

    Still have mine since I bought it, so far so good without any significant downtime
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    Converting from Server Form Factor to a Workstation/Tower

    I have bunch of old ecc ram but cant be shipping to u since i am so far away and it wony worth it =P
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    Anyone need a 1GB BlueVM OpenVZ @ $13.50 Semi annually

    From my experience with them their OpenVZ had a lot of issue and very frequent downtime. KVM are fine though.
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    Why i should not use SSD disk on openvz server?

    Is Intel 520 suitable for server use?
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    LET Down?

    well still down from here
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    Hey man, you're getting old.

    Happy birthday Fran!  :lol:
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    BTSync - Bittorrent Sync file replication Mega Thread

    LAN network works just fine, tried it between my laptop and my phone
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    New vpsBoard summer contest! Win some cash.

    Most the review came from wlanboy anyway, but well his review are very details.
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    Only sending certain traffic over a VPN?

    Static routing should do the tricks, need not to redirect the whole gateway just certain IP range or IP would do it
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    $50 Linode Promotional Credit

    The Promotion Code you have entered is either expired or invalid.
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    Rainy Season

    same goes here in Malaysia, start to getting some rain since last week and today was pouring hard
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    What else does everyone do?

    I work for a non-commercial data center  ;)