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    BitCoin in the hosting industry case study... who wants to partake?

    Just wait until the FTC comes knocking. There's no reason a legitimate person or company will pay with bitcoin. Adults and businesses have access to traditional payment sources.
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    Found on WHT - Quadranet expanding into Atlanta.

    I had similar issues with the appraisal district in Harris county, they are not fun to deal with and make Texas colocation a pain for personal use.
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    Oracle tells its customers to stop analyzing its code

    Oracle makes their money selling various software solutions to all sorts of industries, they don't make their money from Java and MySQL. Java browser applets have been dead for years but Java is easily the most popular language for business applications.
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    What is your preferred web server?

    Nginx is my favorite but I don't use it without Apache.
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    FS: Dell DCS C1100

    Server sold.
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    PayPal USA Policy Changes Announced 4/30: Intangible Items Covered Starting 7/1

    You will not have issues with your PayPal account's standing as long as you first attempt to resolve an issue through PayPal's normal dispute procedure. Years ago this was not the case. From the PayPal user agreement:
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    PayPal USA Policy Changes Announced 4/30: Intangible Items Covered Starting 7/1

    It was already possible to win practically all of these disputes by filing a chargeback with your credit card issuer. This will only impact children paying with their PayPal balances that they received via "donations". 
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    FS: Dell DCS C1100

    Naples, FL.
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    FS: Dell DCS C1100

    USA, Florida.
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    FS: Dell DCS C1100

    Yes, it is available. 
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    FS: Dell DCS C1100

    I have a Dell DCS C1100 I removed from colo in working order.   It has dual L5630 CPUs, (18 x 4gb) 72GB Registered DDR3 (PC3-8500R), 4 3.5" drive caddies, and a rail kit.   I would like $545 + shipping OBO and accept PayPal or money orders.  ...
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    BuyVM upgrades DDOS protection to over 100gbit+ with Voxility for free!

    I liked the Anycast'd Staminus protection and the fact it was closer to my protected equipment in NYC. The increase in latency appears to be minimal though.
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    Kimsufi BHS in Stock!

    I've been thinking the lack of availability and not updating the product lines (still ivy bridge when broadwell is right around the corner for inexpensive E3 servers) is indicative of cash flow issues imo.
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    FCC New Net Neutality Law Finally Released to Public

    I looked at Appendix A and it primarily concerns those who are providing "Broadband Internet access" services to end users. Edge providers like hosting companies don't appear to have any restrictions, at least not yet. Unless someone here is operating a WISP, they should not affect anyone until...
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    Stack Exchange's server porn

    The 208V PDUs we use have ports with this configuration.