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    Robert Clarke DDoS'd Brings the Internet Down...

    Edit: nevermind.
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    RobertClarke/Server Crate back ?

    Just a voicemail I found. One question remains, are you going to take legal action against him? People are speculating. If you need more evidence, I have a hard drive that Robert rm -rf'ed back in October because of a bug with Multicraft. It's just sitting there in-case IC3 actually wishes to...
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    RobertClarke/Server Crate back ?

    This is something that I found on my Google Voice inbox on 6/17 (the day after the 0day's discovery), I have no clue if this is Robert, but it definitely sounds a lot like him. The number that called me was 1-661-748-0240, a Skype number Here's Google's...
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    ChicagoVPS / CVPS Hacked. New SolusVM exploit? (Content Restored) [PT. 1/2]

    Not sure how, but my password was translated to password, and I know for a fact that my password on CVPS is not password. Hmm...
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    ChicagoVPS / CVPS Hacked. New SolusVM exploit? (Content Restored) [PT. 1/2] Pretty much sums it all up...
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    HOW-TO: Protect from recent SolusVM exploits.

    Thanks! I'm using this to secure my setup, only my WHMCS and laptop physically located at the datacenter can access SolusVM now. Let's just hope Teamviewer cooperates.
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    The Official vpsBoard Meme thread.

    As a Russian American, I have had this happen to me too many times now; both online and AFK.
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    NAT supermicro IPMI

    Has anyone successfully NATed multiple supermicro IPMI panels together? I'm thinking about doing it through a simple Netgear router that I have lying around. Here's a diagram: (Example Outbound IP) | | ROUTER (WGR614v7 / v9 / WNR3500Lv1 [i have a lot of spare routers]) |          ...
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    Happy 25th Birthday MannDude!

    Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you; we wish it was our birthday, so we could party too!
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    Liquidweb and domains featuring liquid

    I would think the chances of them being bought out by liquidweb are higher than that of being sued, that is, if the company grows to the point where it is a rival of liquidweb.
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    Google-car spotted in the wild on 280 today

    Well, they might use sports cars next... seeing how they moved up from a Prius to a Lexus
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    Bunch of stuff I'm selling on eBay

    Here's a dump of stuff I'm selling on eBay, more to come! 4x 2TB RE4 Drives New - Only used when formatting initially. Still has warranty! Western Digital TV Live Media Streamer Used - About 300 hours...
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    Google-car spotted in the wild on 280 today

    They keep as much distance as an old person driving.
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    Google-car spotted in the wild on 280 today

    But if you have money you can just bribe/influence (via monetary donations) the government...