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    Backups Marketed but not Upheld, who's the fault for the lack of backup? Provider vs Customer

    Both people are at fault. It is the fault of the provider for selling a product that includes automatic backups and not delivering. It's the fault of the client for solely trusting said company to do their backups for them.
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    Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion

    Don't forget what Verizon tried to do:
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    Having lots of " OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0" apache connections?!

    Debian based distros will put as localhost, while will be your actual hostname. It's still a loopback ip and works the same as however it won't resolve the same.
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    Few mbits incoming traffic for no reason?

    Try using nethogs, should be able to install it via apt-get install, yum install. then run nethogs <interface> (nethogs eth0)
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    How to find the site that crashes the server?

    find /var/log/apache2/domains -type f -iname "*.log" -printf '%s %p\n'| sort -nr | head -10 That will look in the default log location for vestacp domains. It'll then list the top 10 largest files. It's set to only list files that end with .log (to exclude the rotated logs). You can change the...
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    How to find the site that crashes the server?

    I would try seeing if one of the domains has an unusually large error/access log
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    Sever Status 3 Beta

    A quick update on the SS3 Beta for everyone here: Note this will be a future update (I haven't updated the git repo yet). I gotta test a few more things and then I'll update :) Ping Script Modifications It will now be possible for the ping script to automatically query your configuration for a...
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    New WebHostingTalk Site!

    Looks like it's back up.
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    Does a Verizon iphone contract really cost this much?

    I don't think you can get unlimited data anymore, at all. Unless he's part of a company with a verizon contract.
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    BuyShared finally launches website. You can now buy shared hosting from BuyVM!

    Surely this means the new BuyVM website will go live soon as well right? RIIIIIIIIGHHHTTT????
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    What is your favorite forum / community software?

    Draft saving feature has worked for me for quite a long time.
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    What is your favorite forum / community software?

    Free: MyBB, it has a IPB 2.2.6 look to it which I liked. Paid: Xenforo. I do like IPBs admin control panel,something I feel both vBulletin and Xenforo lack.
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    I found this pretty nifty Linux/Windows/OSX Application the other night and thought I'd share it here with all of you. No I didn't make this, I just found it by browsing /r/sysadmins. sysdig "A New System Troubleshooting Tool Built for the Way You Work" Supports RHEL...