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    Windows License?

    In theory anybody can partner with Microsoft under the SPLA agreement. That being said however, monthly reporting requirements is probably going to drive an end-user away from doing just that. You're much better off buying an MSDN subscription instead of going through all the hoops of signing a...
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    Are these guys legitimate?

    Man... I wonder if you're ever going to get fired from Coca-Cola
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    ICANN suspends Brandon Gray Internet Services (AKA Domain Registry of America, DROC, etc)

    And sadly those kfraft envelopes cost substantially less when purchased in volumes. And they're aren't hard to obtain anyways.
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    Simple Automated mySQL Backup Script

    @Aldryic C'boas you forgot to lock the tables for a consistent backup :P
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    Malaysia Airlines 777 crash - round two

    It's also the fourth hull loss of a 777 on the pax type. The first 2 had very few casualties if any. The last 2 were coming straight out of MAS.
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    Malaysia Airlines 777 crash - round two

    The Russians learned it the hard way from the KAL shootdown and the Americans also learned it the hard way in the Iran Air shootdowns too.
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    Malaysia Airlines 777 crash - round two

    Man if this was really an airliner shootdown again, it would be a severe blow to the causes of the Pro-Russian separatists...
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    Do you have health insurance?

    The way how most provincial health insurance programs work here is, they have a maximum rate they'll reimburse to the health care provider for services performed on the patient. And since there's a single payor system in place, the hospitals get reimbursed on what the provincial health care...
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    Do you have health insurance?

    Man, I sure do love living in Canada - Health care's paid for by the government via tax payer funded dollars :)
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    Portforwarding on Windows Azure VMs

    Not to mention that due to the way on how they work, you could use the same credits for hosting a shared site for a day if you really needed to. Or maybe for a couple of hours.
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    $1.79/Year VPS - 32MB - 1.5GB HDD

    See If it was truly unlicensed, then the AGPL license in itself is invalid.
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    CentOS 7

    I'm still getting the old convention for my installs... I'm not sure where you're getting this from...
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    How to Use RDP - Best Remote Desktop for Windows, Mac, & Linux

    I'll even give you the command line version of the RDP client on Windows: mstsc /v:<insert remote ip here> That'll require a lot less effort if you happen to have a command prompt window always open that is.
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    Microsoft Azure’s use of non-US IPv4 address space in US regions

    There is a lot of demand for Microsoft Azure because of the way how they're releasing certain features that's ONLY available on Microsoft's Azure. Not to mention that Microsoft Azure doesn't only do VPSes. They do Shared Hosting with optional Dedicated Web Workers on a dedicated VPS that only...
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    Anyone have $50 million I can borrow?

    You could scare their creditors away easily by manufacturing news easily... And the same case with