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    Mobile VOIP solutions?

    Hey, When I was in Canada, I used a pap2t-na from Cisco which seems the standard way to go at this time. This is a phone adapter that let you connect two regular phones to a VOIP service. It worked pretty well. If you want to have your smartphone connected as well, there are some VOIP services...
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    phpMyAdmin and roundcube web mail error - Cant log in

    We cannot help you if you do not give us more information. You should post your apache config and maybe the parts of the logs that may help us pinpoint the problem. What is the said code?
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    32 or 64bit system? Which one to use?

    I know that a 64bit system can address more memory but does a system on 64bit run faster than one on 32bit? Does it depends on the type of software? If we think about it, the system has to write/read twice the amount of data for each memory operation, isn't it slower ?
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    Mozilla announces the death of unencrypted HTTP

    I second that. I like Firefox, I use it as my main browser but when a tab hangs and the whole thing freezes this is so frustrating.
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    Being a Vegetarian

    In the documentary they were getting the B vitamin from toothpaste. And this is exactly the point, the vegans are really aware about what they eat, what they get from each type of vegetable and fruit, etc. While with a "normal" diet, by eating diversely you get pretty much all you need (and...
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    How cheap can they go?

    Well, it seems that their objective is already reached on Kickstarter. But still, $9 is quite impressive for all the features that the board packs. I wonder how it compares to the RPi.
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    How To: Determining how many 'VPS neighbors' you have or if you are on an oversold OpenVZ node

    Wow, this is a nice piece of information. Is there a way for providers to hide this file? However this only gives us the number of containers, how can we know if the node is oversold ?
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    Being a Vegetarian

    I have seen a documentary the other day about vegans. While some aspects seems appealing, it seems that you have to be really cautious about getting enough vitamins that you naturally get from meat. That's too much of a hassle for me.
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    How cheap can they go?

    Wow, it's a nice device for $9. I wonder how they can sustain such a low price.
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    Mozilla announces the death of unencrypted HTTP

    I wonder what "features" they are talking about. Is it about the latests things like websocket and such or are we talking about basic tasks like displaying a web page ? Anyone knows if it will be possible to generate certificates by submitting a CSR on Let's Encrypt or do we have to use their...
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    What domain registrar you use

    I use GoDaddy when nice coupons are available (especially the 99cents domains), otherwise namecheap or OVH.
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    EU VAT number validator

    I have not worked with WHMCS, so I do not know how hard it would be. However, the class is plain PHP, it should be easy to reuse and to integrate. About "EL", yup this is for greece. The format of the EU VAT Numbers is described here ...
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    EU VAT number validator

    Hi all, I have written a PHP class to validate Eu VAT Numbers. It queries the VIES SOAP API and validates the format beforehand. There is a set of regular expressions to validate the number and it would be great if companies with a valid EU VAT number could check if their number is correctly...
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    SentinelTower - Server monitoring service

    == Who is Suikatech? == We are a freshly created company with the goal to build nice and useful tools for the world wide web. Our vision is to bring the virtual world to reality by creating cool and easy to use softwares. By creating software for sysops we hope that their tasks will be easier...
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    Ever wonder how network cabling span oceans? Pretty neat video.

    Haha, you too are the kind of guy that focuses an all the computer screens in every movie you watch to check their OS :) Maybe their software only runs on XP and they cannot upgrade it. They are still using CRT monitors as well so they probably are in the "it works, why change?" mood.