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== Who is Suikatech? ==

We are a freshly created company with the goal to build nice and useful tools for the world wide web.
Our vision is to bring the virtual world to reality by creating cool and easy to use softwares.
By creating software for sysops we hope that their tasks will be easier to carry so that they can focus on the experience they are giving to their users.
By creating software for end users so that they can see internet as a wonderful tool which can help in their daily life so that they can focus on enjoying the moment.
We want to give our users the best and all suggestions are always welcome. We believe that there is always room for improvement and that this is with the help of users that we can go towards the right direction.

Today we are here to introduce you our server monitoring tool :

== What is Sentinel Tower? ==

Sentinel Tower is a server monitoring software build with two parts:
* A light collection agent written in python which can be easily installed on debian and redhat based linux distributions using our repositories with a single command.
It can be easily extended by using child's play to write plugins.
The code is released under the GPLv3 so that you can inspect what you are installing on your server
* A platform which stores the metrics, display them in nice looking graphics and generated notifications

== Why use monitoring? ==

Monitoring is the companion of system administrators and is mandatory to manage servers efficiently.
It can be used in various ways:

* Tuning software
Sentinel Tower can be an awesome tool to tune software installed on servers in response to a load.

1. People are using the server.
2. The collection agent installed on the server sends metrics to Sentinel Tower.
3. Sentinel Tower records the metrics and triggers alerts if thresholds are met.
4. The server administrator can visualize the various metrics through time and may receive some alerts. He tunes the server accordingly.
5. The server is perfectly tuned to handle the tasks assigned. When all tuning options have been exhausted, the server administrator knows exactly the load to handle thanks to the various metrics recorded and can acquire a new server accordingly.

* Alerting downtimes
Sentinel Tower can quickly notify when a server is offline so that the situation can be resolved as quickly as possible.

1. The server is not sending metrics anymore.
2. Sentinel Tower notices the lack of metrics and sends alerts.
3. The server administrator receives the alert. He can visualize what happened right before the crash using Sentinel Tower and read the logs on the server. He is then able to recover the server in a rapid manner.
4. The server is back online and the situation is resolved with minimal downtime.

* Preventing downtimes
Sentinel Tower can send alerts and prevent downtime.

1. The server sends metrics which exceed one or multiple thresholds (such as processor load or available worker slots).
2. Sentinel Tower detect that one or multiple thresholds have been met and sends alerts.
3. The server administrator receives the alerts and can act on the server before the situation goes out of control.
4. The server is fixed and no downtime have been observed.

* Keeping servers up to date
Sentinel Tower can help keeping your server up to date.

1. A new update is pushed to the repositories.
2. The collection agent is checking if new updates are available through the system package manager and sends the value to Sentinel Tower.
3. Sentinel Tower detects that a new update is available and sends an alert.
4. The server administrator receives the alert and applies the update.
5. The server is kept up to date.

== Why use SentinelTower? ==
We can divide monitoring solutions into 3 types :
* Ping based monitoring
* Self hosted monitoring
* Hosted monitoring (Sentinel Tower)

As you can see below, the last one is the most powerful:

== Free accounts ==

So that you can make yourself your mind about the service we have a limited quantity of free accounts for VPS Board members so grab them fast before they are all gone!
Collection Frequency: 10 min
Max Servers: 1
Metrics per server: 1000
Status Page: Branded
Notifications: Email
Retention: 3 months
Valid for 3 months, renewal for free if you have an active server

== Offers ==

Our offers are listed on our website :

Here are the two offers that should match the most your needs:
Collection Frequency: 1 min
Max Servers: 4
Metrics per server: 50
Status Page: Branded
Notifications: Email + SMS(50)
Retention: 3 month
Price per month: 12€ (Tax Excluded)

Collection Frequency: 1 min
Max Servers: 8
Metrics per server: 100
Status Page: Branded
Notifications: Email + SMS(100)
Retention: 6 month
Price per month: 25€ (Tax Excluded)

For more information, check out our website :

Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions