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    PCI Compliant Hosting

    PCI/ISO compliance is a joke.
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    24khost, where are you?

    Well my stuff is running off now, it works, although rockmyweb's site is currently bare. Soo are 24k services going to transition into similar rockmyweb services at some point?
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    Reddit thinks of SSDs as cheap RAM

    SSD as cheap RAM... RAM from the late 70's early 80's... with a short lifespan. SSDs are GREAT for ROMs but extremely active data will murder them. "It’s not necessary to build a scalable architecture from the start." This is a BAD idea from personal experience, unless you're a kid with rich...
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    Bitcoin VPS/Dedi

    I though only Lattice FPGAs and ASIC is economical for mining, although using your unused GPU power makes sense... if your power is cheap. The bitcoin buzz has blown over and will die off when a better crypto currency takes over.
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    Need your advice installing Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro

    As long as you use the mac images I don't see there being an issue. Use 13.04, it's much more modern... 13.10 is coming soon too.
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    Your dumbest firewall rule

    80 to 8080 443 to 8090 22 drop Something to 22 Every server of mine.
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    Did you know a 3rd world trade center tower fell on 9/11?

    WTC7's design was flawed because it was made to fit atop an odd space, it did not have a very strong foundation so when the side was severely damaged it was not rigid and tore itself down once the remaining structure heated up and softened. The twin towers fell because the structure was not...
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    Taking a couple years off... College

      That expensive piece of paper does have one use, there are many jobs which require it... but many others would rather have someone proven themselves. Video game dev degree = Maybe you get a job starting at $25k (soooo many applicants, you still need a nice portfolio) Created a...
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    Taking a couple years off... College

    Maybe people are finally starting to realize almost all educational institutions are for-profit in one way or another, and the people running them care more about making money than education. There's a lot of things you can learn without needing college/university, especially thanks to the...
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    Various Computer/Server components and devices (Some are FREE) -- Shipping from Canada

    This is definably a derailing comment, but why not allow people edit their posts? You could make their edit history publicly viewable so people can't do any funny business.
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    Are 24khost Servers Down?

    If you're having trouble making time for 24k, why not make someone manager? Zach know the basics, get him to help you. lol
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    Are 24khost Servers Down?

    I've never been down, both of my VPS work... I'm guessing one or more of his deds failed and he hasn't brought them back up.
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    Front Range Hosting, Now Accepting Bitcoin

    I wish I could pay with CC for only %0.99...
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    What is size of your Monitor?

    1 - 24" 1920x1200 60Hz 3ms TN+ LCD 1 - 19" 1280x1024 60Hz 6ms IPS LCD 1 - 19" 1600x1200 75Hz flat CRT It's funny how the CRT has superior colour and contrast, was cheaper, and is much older... although it's a bit out of focus, need to tune it.
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    What's in your computer junk?

    I like to hoard old RAM, that's about it. It's always fun getting an old server with 2 of the 16 slots used, filling it up, and enjoying something 13 years old running a modern linux distro smoothly. lol