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    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    No matter what, I choose Jarland over Chris :P
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    Aimer la vie! Souvenir Bataclan à Paris - Eagles of Death Metal

    Dang! My fast internet access is out of quota. Youtube won't load :(
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    Ignite Servers bad business practices

    @drmike do you smell any acquisition? Those actually are unacceptable. I can imagine the hassle to change settings on the server (if you can login due to IP change), the downtime, data integrity during migration, change on network routing from Canada to UK and especially the uneasy feeling as...
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    Should service providers be able to refuse service based on country?

    Based on my experience of rejection, (mostly happened a couple of years back), I always ask a provider a simple question before I sign up for a service.
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    VestaCP additional protection

    Hi everybody, I'm a little paranoid about my VestaCP installation where my control panel can be accessed through its IP, so I took some steps to harden it a little. First, I check the server's hosts file /etc/hosts to ensure i have the right fqdn (  vcp)...
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    Node.js tutoring - €150 for 5 hours, €250 for 10 hours (limited availability)

    Awesome broer! I wish your tutoring class would be successful.
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    The UPS man saved my day

    I wonder how cold it is at this time of the day.
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    Who provides the name server when i want to host a domain?

    @DDSvpsHost Usually the seller is the registrar or at least they have the interface to connect to the registrar. At the registrar, you can point to their DNS server, or set the zone if you host your own server. It is the registrar that glue your domain name when you register, but you may...
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    What are some of the best VPS companies?

    Up to this moment:
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    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    BuyVM - 3 points VPSDime - 1 point highspeedweb/hostigation - 1 point drmike - 2 :P aldryc - 1.5 :P halfeatenpie - 1.5 :P Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Folks! Set aside all differences between us, and let us all be a VPSBoard big happy family!
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    Hostages Taken in Sydney

    I think is a little to late for US economy (or any IMF countries) to go back to metal based system as the "funny financial instruments" (I like that term :P ) has gone to deep in all aspect of life.  When Gandalfi of Lyberia declared that he will only exchange their oil with gold or EUR, and he...
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    Windows Desktop Partition Question

    What makes harder to migrate windows 7/8 is when you are using UEFI mode when you first install the OS. I usually stick with legacy mode and MBR partition.
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    Windows Desktop Partition Question

    My partition configuration is as follows: partition 1 = Wheezy (loaded with Windows 8 boot loader via EasyBCD) partition 2 = swap partition 3 = Vista (without a drive name loaded with Windows 8 boot loader via EasyBCD) partition 4 = Boot loader + VHD files containing Win 7, Win 8 + wmc, Win...
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    Hostages Taken in Sydney

    ISIS is only a tool for divide et impera it looks like it represent a specific religion, but if you do your research well from the time of Saud al Faisal, Gamal Naser, Menachem Begin and the like, or from Sayyid Qutb to Osama, Osama to Hillary, or from Kabul to Beirut between the 70's and 80's...
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    Windows Desktop Partition Question

    I use MiniTool PW8 too and aomei from to create Windows2Go