1. P

    How To Force SSL Always Using HTACCESS

    If you want to force SSL everyone on your website just add these rules to a .htaccess file the htdocs (www) root of your webserver. Hint: This also works on subdomains, just put it in the root of the folder at which the subdomain is pointed to.
  2. drmike

    HIRING: Linux Support Team - English Speaker - 23:00 - 07:00 GMT

    I have another company that is hiring for their customer support team. This is an immediate availability.   This is a weekday work schedule with working hours of 23:00 - 07:00 GMT. Some weekend work will happen as the team shares the weekend workload. Pay will be once per month and...
  3. M

    Centos-Webpanel - Apache page shows up for all domains

    Hey everyone. Long story short i installed Centos web panel. Its amazing so far. This is my second time installing it as i messed something up the first time, first time i was able to change the apache template in each directory itself and it would change. Now i cant...I...
  4. L

    LiteSpeed vs. OpenLiteSpeed vs. nginx vs. Apache 2.2 vs. Apache 2.4!

    The battle you've been waiting for! We just released a couple of new benchmarks (small static files) for LiteSpeed Enterprise, OpenLiteSpeed, nginx, Apache 2.2 prefork, and Apache 2.4 event MPM. Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed whipped everyone else, of course. Summary blog post Small static file...
  5. vanarp

    How to Optimize Apache for 128MB VPS?

    In general Apache is known to consume much more memory than Nginx. But I keep coming across comments like "if configured properly Apache works fine too". so I am looking for how to optimize Apache on a 128MB VPS and yet handle as much traffic possible. It will also be useful if you can provide...
  6. V

    Best web server when resources are not limited?

    Let's say you're not limited by resources and you purely want the best performance and security from your web server. On a small VPS you may be restricted to utilizing Nginx, for example, as it's more lightweight than Apache out of the box. But, can Apache perform just as well when given proper...
  7. fatboy

    [Simple Script] Set Up Virtual Hosts On Ubuntu

    Not sure if this would be of any use to people who do this day in and day out, but for me it saves a few minutes when setting up a new domain on a server. Two files, one the script and one the blank template that is used to create the entry to sites-available. Stick 'template' in...
  8. V

    Ongoing malware attack targeting Apache hijacks 20,000 sites

    Read the original article here: