1. drmike

    Audiophiles around here? Who is using a DAC?

    I've been cobbling an audio project for a while.   Some hardcore audio nuts out there with expensive audio suites and racks of sound adjustment gear. I am not one,  yet. Been banging my head for a while over the audio rendering from onboard audio cards in most stuff (i.e. portables, droids...
  2. drmike

    Encoding Audio on ARM CPU Devices

    Anyone here using any ARM-based CPUs for doing audio encoding?   Can be something in a datacenter or it can be something on your desk. Interested in MP3 encoding mostly and LAME based.   Looking to see what anyone is squeezing out of ARM platform on performance, especially with the multi core...
  3. drmike

    Audio inputs galore - managing the audio overload

    G'day chaps! I have this pile of computers, tablets, "smart"phones, etc.  Audio galore.    Most of them have the sound output with built in speakers that is laughable and annoying.  Prone to inducing terrible sound and headaches. Historically I had a pile of cables that went to a mixer and...
  4. MannDude

    Audio on my Linux PC?

    Been struggling with this one. My system detects my soundcard, yet, here I sit with no sound. Screenshots and command outputs below: Ran: alsamixer ~$ cat /proc/asound/cards 0 [NVidia ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia HDA NVidia at 0xfce78000 irq 21 1 [HDMI...