Audio inputs galore - managing the audio overload


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G'day chaps!

I have this pile of computers, tablets, "smart"phones, etc.  Audio galore.   

Most of them have the sound output with built in speakers that is laughable and annoying.  Prone to inducing terrible sound and headaches.

Historically I had a pile of cables that went to a mixer and the mixer to a satellite speaker setup.   That worked but is moderately painful to look at and rewiring ends up being annual job.  Plus ability to mix enough things for output at once gets tricky unless you have a big ugly complicated many channel mixer.

Goal is to get steady audio output when I want it with everything piped into satellite or similar real speakers.  Of course, great to shut some things up, while notifications from the phone are mandatory for hearing usually.

Anyone out there doing/recommend something related to simplify or improve this sort of thing?


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Wait, so your speakers are connected to the satellite by wires?

Or are you talking about connected to a satellite dish, and why would you do that?


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No satellite speaker system... Basically amplifier and speakers around the room, but not a radio or component rack.

Nothing "satellite" related.  Unsure where the term came from or if just some regional or country type naming.