1. J

    URGNT: Upload Service Needed

    Hello All, We have a client who is a production company and they regularly shoot footage and upload it back to their HQ in New York. I am looking for a company near Columbus Ohio that is willing to allow their production manager to hop on a decently fast internet connection and upload their...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Bandwidth Usage

    Alright folks! So I thought might as well ask...  What does everyone do that uses up bandwidth? The biggest offenders for me are mostly scientific data (previously) downloading and streaming netflix.  In terms of my Dedicated servers and VPSes, probably just routine backups and storage...
  3. C

    video sharing

    Hello, I have a new video sharing site that will be hosting a growing number of users. I would like to ask for suggestions as to the most stable and cost effective way to begin (i.e. dedicated vs VPN) which will allow for smooth rapid uploads, viewing and an ever increasing number of users...
  4. HalfEatenPie

    Multiple Proxy Syndrome

    So...  This may or may not look a bit sketchy, I totally understand (and it's totally reasonable to think of it as such).   But my network right now (in Asia) is absolutely annoying internationally.  Recently (thanks to @TheLinuxBug) I've found some pretty interesting things about my own...
  5. k0nsl

    How much bandwidth do you use per day?

    Well, as the topic title says: how much bandwidth do you use per day? This is with regard to your own home usage, day to day surfing. Your personal usage at home. It's barely evening and this is what I've consumed by merely browsing: Quite, moderate! What's your usage?
  6. drmike

    Rsync limiting bandwidth - howto

    If you are like most of us, rsync is a tool you use far too much. One issue I run into from time to time is rsync saturating a connection and reducing performance of a network for users (high CPU load). Rsync has a built in CLI switch for regulating  bandwidth usage: --bwlimit=5000...
  7. ErrantWeb-Travis

    ErrantWeb - Detroit VPS - Free B/W Increase - OpenVZ - Startling at $2.99/m

    ErrantWeb launched in January of 2012, we've been providing high quality hosting services since then. We strive to provide the smallest downtime possible while retaining the cheapest Metro-Detroit hosting services offered. We also provide hosting in different locations across the globe and we...