URGNT: Upload Service Needed


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Hello All,

We have a client who is a production company and they regularly shoot footage and upload it back to their HQ in New York. I am looking for a company near Columbus Ohio that is willing to allow their production manager to hop on a decently fast internet connection and upload their footage. Typically when we work with this client we let them into our datacenter facility and they have internet access on our datacenter floor at a crash station. Don't need anything fancy at all. 

If anyone is willing to help out please let me know. Send me a PM with pricing or I can send over my phone number and we can chat.




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Thank you,

I will start looking into these as well. I have not heard of them before.

Co-working is all over the place.. any major metro has a bunch.

Usually big rooms with bunches of people working at desks, entrepreneurs.. Some have suites...  They are beehives of activity.  Neat places to look at if you haven't before.

Tend to be cheaper than market rates for leasing a real office also and you have the perceived benefit of others around you may want to collaborate with.