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I have a new video sharing site that will be hosting a growing number of users. I would like to ask for suggestions as to the most stable and cost effective way to begin (i.e. dedicated vs VPN) which will allow for smooth rapid uploads, viewing and an ever increasing number of users. What specific metrics do I need to focus on and what companies offer the most reliable service, decent customer support, and affordable storage and bandwidth? If I forgo customer support, is Amazon an option ?



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I would have one VPS for the front page and some logic that distributes the uploaded videos through some additional vps.

  • Communitypage: (1 vps)
  • Videos: (1 vps)
  • (1 vps)
  • (1 vps)
  • (1 vps)
Mainpage would be linking to the different servers.

You would be able to split the load and you don't need to sync the videos.

Syncing would make only sense if you want to geo locate (CDN) the videos but that won't be cheap.