1. MannDude

    How do you exclude a sub-directory via bash?

    For example, say you want to create an archive of a directory to back it up: tar -zcf /some/backup/folder/yoursite_www_$(date +"%m_%d-%Y_%H:%M").tar.gz /home/someuser/somesite/public_htmlSo that'll create an an archive of everything located in /home/someuser/somesite/public_html. Great. But...
  2. V

    Bash + DigitalOcean API

    I've been using the DO API to automate some things like  VPS reboot and snapshoot adding DNS records to configure email with Zoho You can find the scripts on my github. Feel free to fork away / come with other examples / use cases that you've automated or need automation.
  3. C

    shundle, a simple plugin manager for general purpose shells

    Shundle is a general sh plugin manager I wrote when I realized how messy my ~/.bashrc was getting. It helps you to manage your aliases, colors and history, although it could be extend to cover anything (it's based on plugins). I created few plugins around it to show the concept; colorize...
  4. qrwteyrutiyoup

    Mini VPS Control Panel in bash

    Hey guys. I had a few hours to waste today and I wrote a simple control panel using the SolusVM client API. It's not very useful, but it was fun to write, anyway, even if it was in bash. Here's the code in case anyone is interested in trying it out...
  5. wlanboy

    Distribute task or commands with bash to different workers

    Message bus systems are an easy way to distribute tasks. RabbitMQ is a message broker and there are command line tools too to interact with queues. If you need help to install a RabbitMQ service, To install these tools call: apt-get install amqp-tools The two main methods are...
  6. black

    Test your server's upload and download speed

    wget 2>/dev/null -O- | bash or curl -s -o- | bash I decided to create a script that tests the server's download speed as well as upload. To me, this has been something that's long overdue and I'm surprised that no one has done it...