Mini VPS Control Panel in bash


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Planning on supporting more / enhancing functionality?   I love BASH and lightweight stuff like this....

Planning on supporting more / enhancing functionality?   I love BASH and lightweight stuff like this....
I hadn't thought about it, as this started as a little project to kill time :) Do you have something in mind, though? I think I could improve it, depending on the effort required.


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Planning on supporting more / enhancing functionality?   I love BASH and lightweight stuff like this....
I love bash as an interactive shell.

Coding in thanks.  I've written (and later maintained) stuff that's ~30K lines of bash - once had an assignment that "had to" be written using only shell because that's all the team knew and the project grew ridiculously complex.  At least they let me use function libraries.  

Beyond short scripts, bash is painful.  The quoting alone is a headache and trying to do anything performant gets you into a lot of "return via global variable" hacks because function returns are godawful slow.  I think I know every single one of bash's obscure features...yes, you can do associative arrays, substring pattern replacement, file descriptors, coroutines, print execution frames for debug, etc. in bash but...why would you want to?

perl or python is so much more pleasant to code in.  perl is a Linux standard as of the last LSB so there's really no excuse, and the code is usually much faster than bash because you're not constantly spawning processes.

With bash, I run into limitations and end up using a lot of sed, awk, sqlite command line, etc. which makes the projects silly.  I cut my teeth on ksh88 so in comparison, bash is a swiss army knife, but still...if it's complicated, I reach for perl or python.

But hey, more power to anyone who writes code and enjoys it!  Hell, I'd celebrate someone who writes in SNOBOL just for the geeky joy of it.

For bash freaks, this is a nice resource:

Another really good book on shell scripting that will open your eyes to how many things you can do with bash (though really, use perl or python) is Chris FA Johnson's Shell Scripting Recipes.  He wrote some big things in bash (e.g., menu-driving point of sale systems using only termcap) and is one of the great bash freaks of the world.


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I could only wish to be like the aforementioned BASH gods... Truth be told, mastering coding isn't in my tea leaves.   I hack away at what I need to do, as ugly as it may be.  

BASH gets my love since really low on requirements and breakage.  Just put some checksums at runtime for requirements and do install if need be and continue.   

Nice to throw a simple BASH script out to the lowly Pi and it just works.   Would be more impressive running on a wrist watch or something, but it's nifty all the same, for today.
Yeah, bash is just for simple scripts, not for real programs. perl is much nicer, especially if you need to deal with regexes and stuff, although lately I have been using mostly python to write these small scripts I would have otherwise written in perl/bash years ago. I prefer python over perl because the resulting code tends to be way cleaner and easier to maintain. 

I recently installed good 'ol Slackware in one of my boxes and had some kind of nostalgia by seeing the dialog-based installation scripts, which prompted me to write something using it just to remember what it was like, then I ended up with this :)


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Good old bash times.

I like to see such minimal-approach projects.

They are a pain to build but the result is a streamlined workflow doing the job - one without a dependency hell.


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I like it, but I'm with raindog on his standpoint. I have written things in bash - but I'd rather write them in other languages due to the hacky nature of everything.