1. drmike

    ColoCrossing Promotes Fake Reviews via Workers, Insiders, Spammers, Hackers and Shills

    Let's talk about the problem with ColoCrossing engaging in fake reviews to increase the reputation of their company in search. URL: 25 Google Reviews.  4.0 out of possible 5.0 score.  What do we find? A pile of shills.  A bunch of...
  2. MannDude

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    To my surprise, I notice a email in my inbox today from none other than a "Gregory Clark" of Colocrossing threatening to sue vpsBoard for 'libel' in regards to a user made review of one of their companies, HudsonValleyHost. As you can imagine, this came as a bit of shock to me as vpsBoard...
  3. drmike

    TeslaCrypt Ransomeware Rampant Today via Ad Networks

    Today there is a mega ton of ransomware infecting going on.  Malware payloads are being pushed all over the place via ad networks and it's YUGE.  Ransomeware is simple, it encrypts your files and holds them hostage.  To get your data back, you pay the robbers via Bitcoin to reverse the mess...
  4. drmike

    VSNX family of companies expands

    Buffalo, New Jerk, leading web hosting company VSNX known by eight other family of company names including ColoCrossing announces global domination!  We own your hosting! Among the acquisitions in this round...
  5. DomainBop

    Unethical Ernie Quick and HudsonValleyHost Get 131K IPs Blacklisted and Try To Sell Customers A $10

    Spamhaus blacklisted over 131K ColoCrossing IPs this weekend for repeat offenses and Ernie Quick of Hudson Valley Host and Jon Biloh of ColoCrossing are trying to use the blacklisting as an opportunity to squeeze more money from customers for a $10 mail service add-on.  TL;DR Ernie just earned...
  6. drmike

    ChicagoVPS taken over by ColoCrossing

    ChicagoVPS has been traded to or taken over by ColoCrossing.   Expect ChicagoVPS to show up nested under Hudson Valley Host.   Where all the bad Lowend companies get sent. I am not going to poke the particulars, but this isn't new.  What is new apparently is the exclusive control over the...
  7. drmike

    Colocrossing Rough Migrating Buffalo Customers Without Enough Notice to New Datacenter = Breakage.

    So something strange going on in Buffalo with my old go to for drama - ColoCrossing.  They demo'd on LET new datacenter they built out in mixed use office building. Strange stuff going on now where they rapid force migrated some folks on just a few days notice. Others are having issues with...
  8. drmike

    No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded: ColoCrossing Boots the Booters / DDoS

    Not my typical schtick, but times are changing and I give out brownie points for good behavior when I think folks deserve it. This comes to us from the shadowy underside of the net, one of those black background, hack oriented communities. That was as of a few days ago. HackForums has a...
  9. drmike

    Spoofable Network ColoCrossing Now Official HackForums Member

    Around here we know of the ColoCrossing spoofable network and the interest such attracts from HackF*rums.   In a similar spoof, someone on HF has created or renamed an account to promote ColoCrossing:     This should get interesting as a takedown isn't going to happen with HF.
  10. rupe

    What to do when VPS IP block gets added to SpamHaus?

    I have a Postfix/Dovecot mail server setup on m WeLoveServers VPS. The setup has 4 rarely used email accounts on it, and is secured against relay and other common mail server abuse exploits. I don't send much email from the accounts, and really just use them for collecting and processing (sieve)...
  11. drmike

    Inside the new Linda Clark NOC

    Linda Clark seems to be expanding her uterine grown enterprise. CC launched a new NOC and announced it on their FacePalmBook and Twatter. If you ever wondered who wears the pants and runs the circus another siting of Linda swinging her thing.  Right there, it says the Time Warner belongs to her.
  12. drmike

    Colocrossing Buffalo now offering 100Gbps DDoS Protection

    So earlier tonight multiple sources on interesting Greenvaluehost email that went out. The email is offering 100Gbps DDoS protection via Colocrossing's network in Buffalo, New York. Anyone in the CC reseller downstream aware of such a feature on their network or plans for such?  Not saying...
  13. drmike

    Colocrossing Network down in Los Angeles and Other Locations

    So, ColoCrossing appears to be having a rather large outage. Roughly an hour or more downtime.    Definitely out in Los Angeles at Quadranet. Other locations folks are mumbling about being down in as well. What are you seeing?
  14. drmike

    Servermania Ad Stalking and Visitors

    Draining Sales from other Lowendtalk and Lowendbox Companies Have you ever visited Servermania's website? Wondering why wherever you go online you keep seeing Servermania ads for dedicated servers of VPS packages? Seen such on Facebook, Youtube, random websites that run Google Ads? Odds are...
  15. drmike officially links themselves to common machine gun shill offers on Lowendbox

    Today's LEB offer for turned the / Chris N / Servermania corruption up a notch. = a prior old thread about companies... There are others on here where I tracked them earlier to nesting companies in other folks names, employees, family members, etc.  All...
  16. drmike

    BlueVM's domain name was hijacked

    URL: New Wave NetConnect Acquires Blue VM Communications New Wave NetConnect, a Velocity Server / ColoCrossing Company Acquires Blue VM Communications We’re excited to announce another addition to New Wave NetConnect LLC, the company behind market leader ChicagoVPS, has...
  17. Kris

    B2 Net Solutions (ColoCrossing) and ChicagoVPS Spam

    I avoid making new topics. But while Biloh is at WHT spouting bullshit about cleaning up, spam is getting worse. When migrating and setting up a new server tonight that had spam issues previously, I had SpamHaus and BarracudaCentral enabled and decided to see what got through if it needed...
  18. drmike

    B2 Net Solutions / Servermania - Shifting ColoCrossing's Spam

    Still on vacation time, so this is just a glancing jab. When ColoCrossing recently stemmed the flow of spam on their network, I said to a number of people that if CC continued to do so, they would be shifting their SPAMMERS to "partners".  That is to say, hiding said bad actors on other ASNs...
  19. drmike

    Virtovo sold. Selling Colocrossing network now.

    I waited a bit here before power posting on this matter.  The original Virtovo owner(s) seemed to have right intentions and all.  But post sales/handoff/dealing away of their company, meh, maybe not so.   WHOIS info changed for I don't believe customers were notified... Nowhere...
  20. drmike

    Up Next: laaev, in other words, leave or left Velocity / Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS

    laaev  what an interesting word. You plug it into Google and #1 result is:   Key word VELOCITY.  Velocity.. hmmm how about Velocity Servers, or ahem subsidiary ColoCrossing.... What is this riddle?  It's a fun one.   Someone changed their username over on Lowendtalk or LET changed it for...