1. MannDude

    Leaked document shows that Comcast's 300GB data cap has nothing to do with network congestion

    Anyone else see this today? On the front page of Reddit but for those who don't lurk it, here is the full article: The relevant part of the leaked document shown in the image below: I don't...
  2. drmike

    BREAKING: Comcast to Dump Time Warner Deal

    Breaking news on the wires is that Comcast won't be pursuing Time Warner in their buy/merger idea. The merger met scrutiny from every direction and regulators weren't seeing any benefit to consumers. So up next, which cable company is buying which? Comcast has the money and is going to buy...
  3. HalfEatenPie

    Backup Network anyone?

    With more and more jobs/work/shenanigans based on the internet or work-at-home scenarios, I was wondering what do you have (for those of you who are working at home) to make sure you can clock in everyday?  Do you have an additional service from another company you use as a backup network...
  4. drmike

    Official: Comcast to Buy Time Warner for $45 billion

    Comcast has offered to buy Time Warner shares for $158.82 per share in a buyout deal worth $45 billion. Charter Communications is involved in the deal to carve up the assets to meet regulatory scrutiny. Nothing like the duopoly becoming a monopoly in the cable world.  Sad to see this deal like...
  5. drmike

    Comcast Jacks Customers Again - Modem Rental Fee Raised to $8 a MONTH!

    Greedy ass Comcast, is at it again.   They are raising per month cable modem rental rate from an already offensive $7 a month to a new $8 a month rate. If you are being gouged by Comcast, it is time to buy your own modem and kick Comcast to the curb.  List of approved modems...
  6. drmike

    Colocrossing's Core "Router" is a Switch

    Some fun info about Colocrossing for today. The reason Colocrossing can't offer IPv6 and has delayed setting up BGP sessions (See Crissic's LA departure thread) is because they don't actually have a large  core router. Instead, they use switches similar to the photo below as their "edge...
  7. KuJoe

    Anybody in the Denver area for VPN testing?

    I've been experiencing a lot of crazy networking issues and I believe it's related to Comcast's (possible) throttling of VPN connections. I've run dozens of tests myself and all of them point to throttling but I would like some additional sources to confirm it is not an issue with the VPNs...