Anybody in the Denver area for VPN testing?


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I've been experiencing a lot of crazy networking issues and I believe it's related to Comcast's (possible) throttling of VPN connections. I've run dozens of tests myself and all of them point to throttling but I would like some additional sources to confirm it is not an issue with the VPNs themselves.

Mainly I just need a few people, both on and off Comcast to connect to a PPTP VPN and use Comcast's speedtest site (

I want to run 2 tests for each person, one with encryption enabled and one with encryption disabled.

I have already had about 20 users test all of the VPNs outside of Denver so now I am looking for local testers only. Thanks. :)


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Oh gheeze.  I remember they used that to test my internet speed and told me "See, you have 60 Mbps even on residential!"  

Then the internet went to crap. 

If I was in Colorado I'd help you out KuJoe.  Good luck with this buddy!  

Edit:  Wow.  Seems like they did throttle my internet.  I get 5 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload within Comcast's own network.  
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@HalfEatenPie, what state are you in? I'd be interested to see some Comcast results outside of Denver. :)