BREAKING: Comcast to Dump Time Warner Deal


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Breaking news on the wires is that Comcast won't be pursuing Time Warner in their buy/merger idea.

The merger met scrutiny from every direction and regulators weren't seeing any benefit to consumers.

So up next, which cable company is buying which?

Comcast has the money and is going to buy someone or something.

Time Warner is doing quite fine also and has money on hand.

Heck, the whole cable industry seems to be flush with buying cash.


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I'm not really shocked the deal isn't going through. Comcast is huge in my area and quite costly.

I'm not too sure who they might go after next but it seems the FCC is really going to give them a hard time due to their history when buying out someone.


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I thought I heard Charter Communications is now talking about a TWC buyout / takeover / merger.

Comcast really soiled the TWC deal.  They were under FTC/FCC supervision and did things they weren't supposed to.  One thing that raised brows was their investment in a very popular streaming content site call Netflix.


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At this point I'm just wondering who is going to be Ma Bell of this industry. These cable companies are acquisition machines.
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I thought I heard Charter Communications is now talking about a TWC buyout / takeover / merger.
For the sake of the TWC customers I hope that is true. I used Comcast when I lived in Grand Rapids and they were pretty horrible...I ended up switching to AT&T Uverse and they weren't as horrible but they weren't the best.. Charter Communications on the other hand is the Jesus of providers. 

One time I called them just around 2am when the wind and ice knocked down the line coming off the pole into my house and they were here within 15-20 minutes and braved the crap weather to get my internet back up. It might just have to do with the fact that one of their offices/dispatch is ~3miles from my house but about excellent service.