1. MannDude

    AnyNode to shut down

    This is sad, I was afraid something like this may happen. I've been a big fan of AnyNode and have considered them one of my favorite providers for the last few years. Great service and I enjoyed the simple VPS control panel they built as well. The email  I received is below: .
  2. MannDude

    Is SolidShellSecurity still in business?

    Just curious if anyone knows if they're still in operation or not. Haven't seen anything from them anywhere recently and they don't appear to be reachable.
  3. J

    VPS-Forge is shutting down

    Received this 4 days ago... Unfortunate, they were quite good :(
  4. drmike

    Future VPS Company Dead Pool Wager Hall

    Long overdue... This is the thread where you wager a guess at your choice of a future VPS company that will deadpool (fail). There are no rules.. Just pick a company and a guess of when the fail will happen. We'll all refer to this and share popcorn and chatter as the inevitable faceplants...
  5. A

    Conn8ct shutting down

    Just got an email from relatively new host Conn8ct as I have one of their cheap yearlies. Another one bites the dust. I'm sure no-one will mourn their passing too much.
  6. concerto49

    Anyone Deadpool?

    I mean looking to play the game :)