Is SolidShellSecurity still in business?


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Just curious if anyone knows if they're still in operation or not. Haven't seen anything from them anywhere recently and they don't appear to be reachable.


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Well their site seems online and functioning.  All the stock photo heads are probably dead :)

Tried reaching them in the many many ways?

Quote said:
EMail Based [email protected] - General Inquiries.

[email protected] - Information or questions regarding products, quotes, and sales.

[email protected] - Billing related inquiries for support on services.

[email protected] - Support for all our products and services offered.

[email protected] - For inquiries regarding forming a partnership with us.

[email protected] - Resumes only please.

[email protected] - DMCA and other abuse related suspected issues (allow for 24-48hrs for a response).

[email protected] - If you feel a situation has not been handled correctly or if you have other feedback, questions or concerns.

Phone Based Contact1.704.224.0344 Sales and information

Skype Based ContactSolidShellSecurity Real-time based support

Quote said:
Admin Name: Trevor Matthews
Admin Organization: SolidShellSecurity, LLC
Admin Street: 4268 Cahaba Heights Court
Admin City: Birmingham
Admin State/Province: AL
Admin Postal Code: 35243
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.2055383601
Admin Phone Ext: 
Admin Fax: 
Admin Fax Ext: 
Admin Email: [email protected]
Registry Tech ID: 
Tech Name: Truvis Thornton
Tech Organization: SolidShellSecuirty, LLC
Tech Street: 17338 Palomino Lake, Dr
Tech City: Dade City
Tech Postal Code: 33523
Tech State/Province: FL
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.8138385852


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It's actually worse :)

Truvis / Travis people pointed to having hacker background. ^^^ above.

The person who is listed as the SolidShellSecurity President on their website is Nick Menster.  Menster has a role over at HackForums.  Oddly the fellow is a n00b at Linux, so unsure why the role (at SSS) other than token human condom. Simply his role is to mask the other guy who runs/owns the place and who isn't listed here at all:  Truvis I am referring to.
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Well, I can never get ahold of Travis / Truvis. He's "never around", and the only time in the recent past I was able to get a response from him was submitting a new ticket pretending to be an interested customer and asking pre-sales questions. There I was able to direct him to my other open ticket to get an actual response.

Been months trying to reach him. Looking at my open ticket with them, I see it was closed with no response...

Should probably just write off what they owe me as a loss, though I am more upset about their unprofessionalism and lack of response to my queries than anything. I'd rather be told to fuck off than to just be blatantly ignored.
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